त्वरीत तपशील

प्रकार: मल्टी-फंक्शन पॅकेजिंग मशीन
अट: नवीन
Function: Filling, Sealing, Granule Packing Machine
Application: Food, Granule Packing Machine
Packaging Type: Cans, Foil, Pouch, Stand-up Pouch, Granule Packing Machine
Packaging Material: Plastic, Granule Packing Machine
स्वयंचलित ग्रेडः स्वयंचलित
चालित प्रकार: इलेक्ट्रिक
व्होल्टेजः 380 वी
Power: 12KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 1650*1500*2200mm
Certification: CE,ISO,SGS
Item: Sauce Multi Line Machine
Model: 900
Pouch length: 50-300mm adjustable
Packing speed: 30-50times/min
Pouch width: 35-105mm
Filling capacity: 5-100ml
Max film diameter: 300mm
Max film width: 900mm
Applicable film: PET/AL/PE PET/PE NY/AL/PE
Film core diameter: 75mm
विक्री केल्यानंतर सेवा प्रदान केली: अभियंते परदेशात सेवा यंत्रणा उपलब्ध

GMP Standard CE Certified Pallet Sacht packing Sauce Multi Line Machine advanced performance, high power, low noise, compact structure, operate steadily, easy to maintain, and has a long life span. The machine adopts five shaft servo motor in step driver, man-machine interface touch adjustment, controlled by PLC, it is precise in automatic in step positioning. A high degree of automation, machine can finish packing at one time from longitudinal sealing, longitudinal cutting, transverse sealing, filling, embossing, notch cutting, cutting dotted line, transverse cutting to outputting finished sachets. High precision whole rolling type heat sealing rollers are adopted as sealing mould. 4-sides sealing, multi-line sachets form. Because sauce material will easily leak in sealing side, an extra smooth unstrained sealing roller is setup to ensure sealing sides compact and tightly. With high packing speed, smooth bag shape, delicate and beautiful, packaging with high efficiency. The machine adopts photo electric tracking system to ensure correct printing and with automatic counting function.

मुख्य वैशिष्ट्ये

1. Multi lanes machine can produce multi lanes bags at same time.
2. Machine main function: automatic split film at right position, liquid measuring and filling, multi lanes bag form fill seal, cutting, sensor tracking, counting capacity.
3. Other function: Emergency stop, set capacity to auto stop machine, count capacity and Zero the count, ready bag output, manual test machine each step etc.
4. Stainless steel contact part and the machine outer shell, high feature for liquid running environment.
5. High precision photocell sensor for auto tracking the eye mark printing on the film roll, so cut each bag at precisely position.
6. PLC controller, high function and control the whole machine's work steps.


1. Aumatically metering, filling, date printing and bag sealing.
2. Advanced PLC control system, user-friendly touch screen control interface provide simple operation and quick parameter setting to adjust packaging parameters.
3. New volumetric metering and vibration filling method, high packaging accuracy and easy cleaning
4. High-precision temperature control system, the seal is more sturdy and beautiful
5. European and American design, open electric box, more convenient for cleaning and maintenance.